Thursday, February 5, 2015

January Favorites

Conair True Glow Cleaning Skin Beauty Treatment 

I talked about this recently in my post where I called it a Clarisonic Drugstore Dupe and I'm still obsessed. Seriously, how did I think my face felt clean when I used to wash it with just my hands? I use this about every other day because I find every day starts to irritate my super sensitive skin a bit, but even on the days in between I am amazed at how soft, smooth, and just absolutely clean my face feels. I won't talk about it too much because you can read about it in my previous post, but holy wow, I am still amazed, and (again) at half the price of the Clarisonic! Amazeballs.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer 

So, this stuff is a game changer. I'm just going to say it, it is. There are a few traits in a concealer that I am always looking for, and are hard to find, especially all in one, but so far (I haven't had it the whole month of January, but the weeks I did were so good I had to include it) this one is the trifecta. First, it has full coverage without looking cakey or dry. I am very fair, so I have a lot of veins and blue that come through under my eyes, but this totally covers it, and smoothly. I took these two pictures from what are normally very unflattering angles for under-eyes, and they still don't look blue. Second, as I mentioned, I am fair, but this concealer comes in a shade (the lightest, Fair Neutral) that I can almost actually highlight with! I have found concealers I love like the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, which come in shades light enough to match me, but trying to highlight or even finding a shade that looks any lighter than my foundation can be difficult. This concealer was so light I could actually highlight with it. And third, it does NOT crease!! Usually to get a concealer that does not crease, it needs to be a very thin texture so that it won't settle into lines, but a thin texture doesn't always cover so well. However, this one is super creamy, full-coverage, and still does not settle in lines or crease, which would also make it great for more mature skin.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 15 Polished Purple 

I am obsessed with this formula. It is so smooth and non-drying, but it lasts forever. It applies, feels, and looks just like a lip cream, but it lasts just like or actually better than a stain. Apparently the name "Cream Lip Stain" is very accurate.  I talked about the shade 01 Always Red in my Holiday Glam: Red Lips post, which is the shade that got me addicted to this formula. It is a gorgeous, classic, eye-catching red. Anyway, back to this month's color, 15 Polished Purple. It is definitely eye-catching as well, just in a very different, much darker way. This color is fantastic for this time of year. It is a very, very deep purple with the most subtle hint of shimmer running through it. The shimmer looks overwhelming in the tube, but when you apply it you just barely see it. It is also buildable. I went over it a couple times to really deepen the color (I'm wearing it in the pictures above in the Naked Concealer photos too). I wore this through dinner and drinks one whole evening and I only touched up once in the many hours I had it on. I have loved this formula for a while, and they recently they released a few new shades. In the newly expanded shade range, there are definitely some more subtle than these two, so if you haven't tried the formula yet, I highly recommend it.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Brush 

This brush is seriously amazing for highlighting and contouring. It has a rounded, tapered dome shaped brush on one end, which is perfect for highlighting under the eyes and on top of the cheeks. The tapered dome shape really gets under the eyes nicely.  The other end has a flat angled brush, which fits perfectly under the cheekbone and makes drawing a contour line super easy. Both ends have synthetic bristles which pick up just the right amount of product so you can't easily overdose, which is extra important with highlighting and contouring. The bristles also feel really nice, and they are super soft to the touch, but not so soft that they don't pick up any product. It also comes in what is described as a "coffin shaped" case. Whether or not you think it looks like a coffin, having a perfectly sized plastic case is super convenient, especially for a double sided brush, which you can't just stand up in a jar like you can other brushes. I like the handle length as well. Some brushes for highlighting and contouring have really short handles, which can sometimes make blending harder, but this has a nice extended handle between the brushes.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk 

If you read my Favorite Fall Skincare or my Winter Skin Savers, you know that I am really into cleansers that are not your traditional texture. I love cleansing oils and balms, but now I have also discovered that I love cleansing milk. This does have a milky texture, which you can apply right to dry skin and tissue off or rinse off as you normally would when washing your face. It removes makeup so well it's amazing, and I love that it's gentle enough to use on your eyes too, because it removes even mascara really well. I actually discovered it when I was in Sephora and had a bunch of lipstick swatches on my hand. I used a tester of this to wipe them off my hand, and I was amazed how clean my hand came out. I was impressed so I bought it and I have really liked how well it removes makeup, doesn't irritate sensitive skin, and leaves a moisturizing feel on the skin.

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

This palette is a total go-anywhere palette. It has the perfect combination of cool and warm tones, colors and neutrals, mattes and shimmers, you name it it's in here. The shadows are also formulated to be used wet or dry, and when used wet, you get a very different finish or color than dry, which actually means you get double the already wide variety of shadows in the set. It comes with a great variety of 14 shadows, which become 28 if you wet your brush first. Speaking of brushes, it comes with a double ended brush which works great with these shadows. The dome end can really buff out color when dry or really pack on the color when wet. The angled side gives a blurred line when dry and a more precise line when wet. The variety in this thing is amazing. I am going away for a long weekend this weekend, and this palette is the only eyeshadow I'm bringing because it has everything I could need for almost any look I will want to do.

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