Monday, September 29, 2014

My Favorite Fall Skincare

Fall is officially here, and if you're like me, so is dry skin. In my world Fall=flaky. I love the cooler weather, but my hands, face and lips...not so much. I have dry skin anyway, but like anyone regardless of skin type, changing of seasons means changing of skincare. When the days start getting shorter and the skin drier, these are the products I immediately reach for, my fall skin savers.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask 

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This is like nothing you've ever tried. This is by FAR the best, most moisturizing lip product I have ever found. It feels very (I mean very) thick, but in a good way. As soon as you apply it (squeeze it out of the tube and apply with your finger) you can feel the moisture sinking in. My favorite way to use it is to apply it before bed, leave it on overnight, and wake up with the softest lips you have ever felt. I have even had cracked lips in the evening, left it on overnight, and awoke to practically brand new lips. It also has a very minimal, clean scent and flavor for those who dislike strong smells or tastes on their lips. For those who like or want some scent or color, there is a newer version called Champagne Pearl, which smells like champagne and has rose gold tint with a pearlescent finish.

The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

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I know, the thought of applying something called "butter" to your face is a little weird at first, I thought so too. But then I thought, I apply and love body butter, let's try this! I was immediately hooked. The directions say apply to a dry face, even over makeup, rub as you normally would and then rinse off with a warm, wet wash cloth. Again, sounds a little weird. Not only does this butter remove makeup (foundation, mascara, you name it) better than most products I've tried, but the second you rinse it off you know why it's called butter, because that's what your face feels like. The first time I tried it I sat touching my face for an hour after because it's never felt so soft.

C.O. Bigelow Chapped Hand Remedy

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This is one of the only hand creams I've ever tried that actually completely eliminates my flaky hands and leaves them soft and smooth. It does not have a specific scent, which sometimes can end up being vaguely medicinal, but this just smells clean and fresh. I also love how a little goes a long way. Usually when products say a "dime sized dollop" I use at least a quarter, but with this that really is all you need. The texture is not thick or chunky like some can be, it is relatively thin and extremely smooth. It does not feel greasy or like it is just sitting on your skin, not being absorbed. The texture is unique, but the minute you start rubbing it in, you can tell it is going to work. This is another one I like to apply before bed and wake up with incredibly soft and smooth hands.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

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When I first started seeing "overnight masks", I thought it was a little odd, then I tried one. It is not what you think of when you normally think of a mask. You do not apply a thick layer that is going to get all over your pillow and everything else, just apply it a little thicker than your normal moisturizer, and let it sink in overnight (are you noticing an overnight theme here?). The consistency is more of a gel than a cream. I love that because it feels extremely light and non-sticky, yet provides more moisture and gets absorbed better than a lot of heavy creams. This is also wonderful for anyone with super sensitive skin. You will wake up with skin like silk, but not red, itchy, burning, or inflamed like a lot of skin products can do to me. If you have flaky patches you just can't seem to moisturize, that foundation cakes on and just can't look smooth, this is the cure!

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