My name is Amanda, and thank you for visiting! I blame (or should I say "credit"?) my beauty addiction on my grandmother. At 2 years old, when she would babysit me, every day I would dump the contents out of her purse (before the What's In My Bag days) and open every lipstick. I remember her as the woman who would never leave the house without her brows on, and would answer every "how do I look?" with "you need lipstick". Genetic or not, I inherited the beauty bug, badly. From Lip Smackers to body glitter (remember that?), I have always been a product junkie. I have always loved the power of makeup. It is a medium of expressing yourself  and your creativity. Everyone feels good when they think they look good, and I hope I can help people find what makes them feel good and help them have fun with different looks and products.

With my addiction going strong, I will share my often tangential, quirky opinions on the many products I own and continue to try in hopes that I might help you discover something new that you'll love too. I also always want to hear what everyone else thinks, so please comment!

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