Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Noteworthy: Morphe Brushes

I heard about Morphe brand brushes about six months ago and decided to order a few and try them out (I'm always nervous buying a brush if I can't feel it first). I figured I would try just a couple, and since they are so cheap, I wouldn't be too upset if I did not like them. They came in the mail, and I was instantly addicted. The quality is amazing! Even more amazing considering that they are all under $20 and feel better than some $50 brushes. Over the past 6 months both my addiction and my collection have grown.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Look of the Day: Spring Trend-No Makeup Makeup

A huge trend for this Spring is the "No Makeup Makeup" look, which after a winter of dramatic contouring, and bold, vampy lips, is extremely refreshing. A lot of people describe this look as "you, only better", which I think is actually a great way to look at it. You are not trying to change any of your features, you are just enhancing them. You still look like you, just a natural looking, best version of yourself. This look is great for absolutely anyone. For people like me who feel (more?) comfortable with a full face of makeup, this is a refreshing way to look more natural, which is perfect for spring, but still feel like you have enough makeup on to be comfortable. For people who don't wear a lot of makeup (whether that's because you're not comfortable with it, or because you don't like doing it), this look is a great way to not feel overly-done, but still enhance your natural look. It really is a win-win look. I am really comfortable in this look, and I think it is the perfect, fresh look for Spring.

Monday, April 6, 2015

March Favorites

I have been really liking a more natural look lately, and I will be doing a post about the "no makeup makeup" look very soon. I have been wearing relatively the same look all month, which for me means I really like it. That's even weirder because the look has been pretty muted and neutral, and I usually love very bold eyes. I'm not sure what happened to me this month, but I have been consistent with a natural look. To take that look from day to night, or just when I feel like punching it up a bit, I will add a bright lip. Here are the products I have been reaching for on the daily throughout March.