Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Morphe 9B Blush Palette-Review and Swatches

I have wanted to talk about this palette for a while, but it was sold out for so long! It's back now, and if you can get your hands on it, I would definitely advise you do so. Get it here. Plus, now it's on sale! You get 9 pans for $19.99, and they are good sized pans. Below I put a MAC blush next to the palette, and you can see how big they really are, especially for a palette.

MAC Margin and 9B
The formula is amazing. They are so smooth, and holy crap are they pigmented! The swatches on the right are literally one swipe. That excellent color payoff means your money goes even further too, because you can use so little. Sometimes highly pigmented blushes kind of scare me because it can be really easy to overdose and end up looking scary or clownish. And we all know that once you've applied too much, it can be hard to correct. These blushes are so blendable though. They are super pigmented, but not in the way where you apply one dab and look psycho.

The shades are great too. There is a nice range of warm and cool, matte and shimmer, peaches, pinks, and mauves. A few of the shades could be very close dupes for the cult favorite NARS Orgasm. Below I swatched Orgasm across all of the 9B shades, and you can see a few are very close. In the photo you can also barely see Orgasm, but you can really see the 9B swatches and see how much more pigment they have than the NARS.

NARS Orgasm and 9B
NARS Orgasm across the top of 9B
Overall, it is a great palette. If you don't have a large blush collection, or if you like to wear a variety of shades or want to experiment, you need this. The price is definitely right and the product is good. I just love that the quality of the blushes is great, there is such a wide range of shades (and all are nice, not like some palettes where you only use half of them), and they are all in one palette. Everyone loves eyeshadow palettes, but I feel like it's not very often we see a blush palette. Love it!

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