Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December Favorites


Lime Crime Velvetines in Wicked

Apparently everyone is loving these because most colors are sold out. However, you can get them online at Urban Outfitters, and a Google search usually shows a few more options for purchasing. Their Instagram also said they'd be restocking soon. The reason everyone is loving these, and why these babies are perfect for the holiday/party season, is because they DO NOT come off!! These take the term "stain" to a whole new dimension. You can talk, eat, drink, for hours, and it seriously looks like you just applied it. In fact, at the end of the night when you actually do want them to come off, you will need to use an oil or makeup remover because that is seriously the only thing that will remove them. On top of staying power beyond belief, they are actually also comfortable to wear, and feel relatively creamy and non-drying, like a lot of stains can be.

boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil

I love beauty oils. I mentioned another one by Fresh in my Winter Skin Savers, but I have to say I am now liking this one better. Both are great, and if your skin isn't super parched like mine, you may like the Fresh one better, but for those of us who's faces turn into deserts in the winter, this one is amazing. I like to use it at night, after I cleanse my face and before I moisturize. I don't really rub it in, but press it into my skin all over my face, give it a minute and then moisturize over it. Regardless of what moisturizer I use, my face is 5 times softer when I use this than if I just use moisturizer alone.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

Setting my under-eye concealer is an absolute must for me. I get creased concealer very quickly if I don't set it with some powder, and this brush is magic for doing so. It's tiny, so you can really get close into your inner corner without stabbing yourself in the eye, and the pointed tip makes it even easier. I also like that is more flat than round, so you can pack the powder on and press it into the concealer, instead of sweeping it on top and risking removing all the concealer you just blended so carefully. It's also really soft, and really cheap, a win win. I will be doing a foundation and concealer routine soon, and I'll go into more depth about how I do this and what products I use.

theBalm 'INSTAIN' Staining Powder Blush in Houndstooth

I really like these blushes by theBalm. The formula is so soft and creamy feeling, even though they are powders, and holy crap are they pigmented!! They come in a number of shades, all equally pretty, but I am loving this color for winter. It is a deeper, mauve like color with the most subtle hint of shimmer, but just in a naturally glowy way, not in the "holy cow she has glitter on her face" way. This shade is a gorgeous way to liven up a winter complexion. Now that I am in love with this formula (and they will last forever because a very, very little goes a long way) I will definitely be trying the pinks and peaches come spring. 

MAC Cremesheen+Peal Lipstick in Peach Blossom

During the holidays, I found myself wearing a lot of bold eye looks, which meant I also found myself wearing a lot of subtle/nude lips. I am so fair that sometimes a nude lip makes me look like I am back from the dead, or just dead, but this shade has a nice peachy undertone to it, which is still nice and nude, but still gives me life. I love the Cremesheen formulas, and even though this one is called Pearl, it is not what you think of when you hear "pearl" with lipstick. It has a very, very subtle shimmer to it, but nothing metallic or frosty, or even anything that I would call "pearl" really, which in my mind is a good thing. Just a hint of shimmer, and a very buttery, creamy, feels so good formula. 

SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Body Scrub

I can't exfoliate enough in the winter. And for some reason (maybe I'm just picky?) I have trouble finding a body exfoliant I really like. They are either too fine and don't slough off enough, leave you really dry after, or smell terrible. This has none of those issues. It is coarse enough that it really gets rid of the rough patches and reveals smoother skin, and it also leaves a soft moisturizing layer that feels like a body oil. Even after you get out of the shower and dry off, you feel like you applied a light layer of body oil to moisturize that fresh new skin. It also has a subtle scent, but a scent that is actually good. It doesn't smell like straight up olive oil, but it does smell fresh, crisp and clean, but warm at the same time. it's actually a very comforting smell, which goes well with the comforting feeling it leaves on your skin.

Hourglass No28 Primer Serum

I try a lot of primers, and don't always think that they make any difference. In the winter though, I will take any extra smoothing I can get to keep my foundation from sticking to my dry patches. This primer does actually make a noticeable difference in the way my foundation applies, and how it lasts throughout the day. I press it into my skin, all over my face, after moisturizer and before foundation, and I do notice that my foundation goes on much smoother. It's like this creates a perfectly silky surface for your foundation to just glide on top of, no clinging to dry patches, no settling in lines, just smooth, flawless foundation. I do also notice that it keeps my foundation that way throughout the day. Sometimes without it I notice dry patches poking through my foundation as the day goes on, but this stays silky and flawless, without increasing shine, through a full day.

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