Monday, December 1, 2014

November Favorites and Fails

1) Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Roach

This color is so beautiful, and so perfect for fall. It is kind of hard to explain the color, but the website has it described as "Deep Burgundy Metallic Brown", which I would say is pretty accurate. The base of the color is an extremely rich, warm brown. There is a warm wine shade mixed in with that, and the combo has a metallic finish. I love metallic finishes, and I love how versatile this one is. It is just slightly metallic if applied dry, but if you wet your brush first, you can get a really foiled finish that's almost mirror like. Between having fun with different finishes, how good this color makes my eyes look, and how perfectly gorgeous this color is for fall, I have been using this a TON this month.

2) Maybelline Baby Lips Doctor Rescue Lip Balm in Soothing Sorbet

I mean, duh, we all know the Baby Lips line feels like soothing butter on your lips, but the Dr. Rescue line is a medicated version of the original, which I definitely need in the colder weather. I also like that it's medicated, but it doesn't have the nasty smell or feeling that a lot of medicated lip balms seem to have. It actually feels as buttery and soothing as the original, and it smells so yummy, AND it has such a pretty tint! This is actually my favorite smell and tint of any of the Baby Lips I've tried. It smells like fruity goodness, and it gives your lips a really pretty, rosy tint. A triple whammy that has not left my purse, or my lips, all month.

3) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders are gorgeous, we all know that, but the blushes are equally as beautiful. I usually run for cover whenever anything is called "coral", and this is described on the website as "subdued coral", but I would say it's closer to peach. Whatever you want to call it, it's beautiful. It has the same radiant, "lit from within" glow that the Ambient Lighting powders have, with a golden hue, and it's freaking gorgeous. These blushes come in 6 shades which are all equally gorgeous, and look good on everyone. If you haven't tried them, just one swipe and you will be hooked! Also, if you want to try them out, they now have a palette of three shades, which would be a great place to start. 

4) Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Bright Raspberry

I wasn't sure how I felt about this at first. I had been looking for a really pigmented raspberry shade, and this caught my eye. I love rich, deep berries, especially for fall, but I was looking for one with a bit more pink in it, and this was perfect! The formula is super creamy, especially for a wooden stick pencil. I am not the biggest fan of the fact that you do have to manually sharpen the pencil (instead of a twist-up), but the creamy formula feels nice, and lasts really well. I wore it on Thanksgiving and it lasted through dinner with barely a smudge. The color is one of those fabulous pops that adds life and punch to your look, but isn't the only thing people will see when they look at you, and still be comfortably worn by people not as comfortable with brights.

5) philosophy The Holiday Handbook

I am neurotic about applying hand cream, and go through a lot of it. I love a lot of products by philosophy, and this set is right up there with their best. I LOVE the formula, it feels so deeply moisturizing, but it actually feels like it gets absorbed. I hate when a product feels like it just sits on top of skin, I like mine to feel very rich and thick, but to feel like my skin has actually absorbed them, and these feel exactly that way. Instead of feeling like you need to wash your hands after you put it on, you just feel like your hands are super smooth and soft, and the smells are so yummy! I love the Fresh Cream scent, and have the body butter already, and I love anything Peppermint, but I was surprised how good the Cranberry smell is. The scent combination is perfect for the holiday season, and the size is perfect for stashing anywhere. I might be buying a second set soon...

6) Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Spice Age

I reviewed, or should I say ranted and raved, about this formula of polish in a previous post, and I'm still addicted to this formula. This color caught my eye as soon as I saw it, it's the perfect holiday season shade (how many times can I say that in one post?). It is a wine shade with a hint of bronze in it, and a gorgeous shimmer. I love that the shimmer is noticeable, but not actual chunks of glitter. I sometimes find that shimmer makes polishes chip even faster, but this formula continues to impress me with it's shiny finish and super staying-power.

7) LUSH Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

This stuff smells and tastes as equally addicting as it feels and works. I feel like I have been nonstop exfoliating my lips with this and then moisturizing them with the Dr. Rescue. I love that it's all natural, and you just buff a small pinch of it all over your lips to remove any dry, flaky skin, and then you can literally just lick the remainder off your lips. I know, it sounds kinda weird at first, but it's all natural, and it's so yummy! It works great for keeping your lips fresh and smooth, which is especially hard to do as it gets colder, and no one wants to put lipstick on dry, not smooth lips. That's not cute. This stuff keeps them super soft, and it comes in several equally yummy flavors. 

I had one Fail this month too, which is as important to mention as Favorites

8) Benefit Cosmetics Instant Brow Pencil in Light to Medium

For the most part, I like Benefit products. They aren't in my three favorite brands, and they do make some products I don't like, but they also make some products I do love. I love their Hello Flawless, which I talked about in my Products I've Hit Pan On, and I listed their They're Real Mascara in My Favorite Mascaras, so I figured I would try their brow pencil. I am always looking for the best brow products, so I'll try them all, but dear god, this is TERRIBLE!! It is so overly waxy that it barely deposits any color, and what it does deposit is just a chunky, waxy mess that you have no chance of blending. It doesn't fill in any sparse spots, it just leaves waxy chunks that cling to where your brows are fuller. Eew. It's so overly thick and waxy that it's actually also difficult to sharpen.  It's just bad, very bad. So bad that now I am thinking about doing My Favorite Brow Products since there are others that are actually very good!

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