Sunday, November 16, 2014

How to do Winged Liner-The Easy Way

Winged eyeliner is one of those things that I feel like every person likes. I also feel like it is one of those things that a lot of people feel is hard to do. I am going to show you a technique that looks completely ridiculous while you are doing it, but will leave you with winged eyeliner that looks absolutely flawless, every time. For this technique, I will be using my favorite, which is gel liner. I used MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. You can also do this technique with a pencil, just using the pencil in place of the brush. So, grab whatever liner you want to use, and the most important tool for this technique, a Post-it note. You can also use Scotch tape, but I like a Post-it better because it comes off easier and does not irritate my skin.

We are going to take a Post-it note and apply it along our eyes in the exact line that we want our eyeliner in. In general, to find the angle you want to follow, either connect the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow, or follow the angle of your lower lash line (I did a little closer to the second here). After trying this different times at different angles, you will start to learn what angle you prefer or what angle you think looks best on you. Once your Post-it is in place, grab your angle brush and gel liner, or pencil if you prefer.
You are now going to simply apply your liner right along that Post-it. The beauty of this technique is that you do not have to worry about being perfectly precise, you can get product all over that piece of paper and when you take it off, you will have a clean line with a perfectly precise edge. You do have to be relatively careful not to slop the liner everywhere because the Post-it is only perfecting the bottom edge, but that's pretty easy. I like to start by applying the liner along the paper (like in the photo) and then draw along the lash line. Once you have those two lines drawn, you can make your wing as subtle or strong as you want, simply by continuing to go over them and build them up, or just leave the one line you did. Then, just remove the Post-it, and you're done.

This is by far the easiest way to do winged liner. The technique gives you the exact angle you want with a clean line, and without you having to free hand it. Once you get more comfortable with this technique, you can start trying it without the Post-it, and soon you will be surprised how quickly and easily you can free hand a wing. It looks weird, I know, but I promise you you will be surprised how easy it makes it. I plan to do another tutorial on how I do my free hand winged liner, but this is a great method for people just starting to experiment with it, or someone who wants to make it quicker and easier.

If you have tried this technique, or if you have any other suggestions on great ways to simplify or start with winged liner, please share in the comments, I love hearing from you guys!

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